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Outside the bit.

Move beyond bitcoin and mine exotic cryptocurrencies with us.
We allocate mining resources based on the most profitable mixture of coins.
Our ecosystem supercharges your cryptofolio.

  1. DEDICATED FACILITIES - Our primary operations are located near Ottawa, Canada.  The National Capital Region is safe and forward-thinking, with stable facilities and crypto-friendly policies.  Mining operations are sustained via cheap and clean hydroelectricity.
  2. ELASTIC INFRASTRUCTURE - The bulk of our mining resources are state-of-the-art hardware systems - procured, owned, and operated in-house.  This ensures a high-level of business continuity and operational integrity.  We also scale out to cloud computing providers when there are opportunities for quick and efficient windfalls.  Having this ellasticity encourages fine-grained control over mining yields and portfolio optimization.
  3. ADAPTIVE PLATFORM - We use next-generation AI/ML forecasts to anticipate shifts in crypto-currency markets and difficulty trends.  This allows us to premptively allocate computational resources and dial-in the highest margins.  We are always mining the right diversity of coins, pools, and blocks before others realize it is profitable to do so.
  4. EXOTIC ECOSYSTEM - Our paradigm is akin to algorithmic trading, but with the micro-transactions based on proof-of-utilization moreso than speculative exchange rates. We integrate, configure, and manage all levels of the process.  By leveraging systems in their most efficient ways, our portfolio tends to be more exotic, assigning more weight to various altcoins and 'outside' crypto.
  5. COMPETITIVE SCOPE - With most cloud mining providers, you pay to rent some fixed hashing power and decide what to mine with it, for better or worse.  At Exobolic, you smart-contract us to do 'the best-possible computational work'.  Once completed, we send the resulting proceeds to your wallets.  This provides you with a smart and easy way to gain crypto and grow your investments.

National Capital Region


Phone: +1 (613) 897-0775