About Exobolic.

Get to know the backstory, vision, strengths, and team.

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Our Story.
Exobolic is a technology company developing better ways to analyze complex systems.  Our primary offering is consilience.  This is achieved through technical studies, consulting services, and evaluation solutions.  Our expertise centers around the R&D, performance and configuration assessments of large-scale ensembles.  We figure out how best to monitor, score, eval, plan, orchestrate, and optimize the ecosystem across its lifecycle.

Our Values. 
Exobolic literally means "outward action".  We are founded on the belief that outside-the-box approaches are ideal, if not required, when solving hard or wicked problems.  
We add value to clients by augmenting their design teams, asset managers, and governance stakeholders with an outside perspective.  


Our Focus.
Exobolic has streamlined, packaged, and automated many decision processes and analytics workflows.  We are experienced, driven, versatile, and lean.  We pass this efficiency on to the client.

Our Novelty.
Exobolic has delivered on many projects, from feasibility studies, planning architectures, and game-playing engines.   Some of our capabilities include the construction of critical ontologies, mapping structural features, evolving decision models, integrating digital twins, and mining reference configurations.

Our Vision.
Our vision is to become the leader in systems consilience - the domain-agnostic unification of planning, governance, orchestration and performance optimizations.
We are rapidly innovating our ECHO programme, and exploring new delivery methods such as MXaaS and smart-contracts.
To this end, we continuously welcome partnerships and new clients. 


Meet The Solvers.

Karl Lambert, M.Eng.
Principal Consultant

Filipe Borgeles, MBA.
Business Development

Rosella Zhang, PhD.
Principal Consultant

Erica Desautels, PhD.

Alex Kondrashov, M.Eng.

Ali Esfandiari, M.Sc.


National Capital Region


Email: info@exobolic.com                     
Phone: +1 (613) 897-0775