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Our Story

New investment strategies for new frontiers.

Exobolic helps clients invest in cyber-physical assets, digital coinage, and blockchain-related technologies.

Our paradigm algorithmically trades in mining resources, rather than the crypto-assets themselves.

We generate wealth by managing a computational workflow on your behalf, and funnelling the proceeds back to you.

The market for crypto-currencies remains speculative and volatile.  But it is maturing by the day. Algorithmic trading can be used to buy/sell crypto-currencies and digital assets in real-time, but exchanges are unproven, fees are high, and good know-how is lacking. Our founders wanted an alternative approach.

The idea started in 2016.  The founders of Exobolic had been mining the likes of bitcoin, ethereum, and monero for some time, but were looking to scale-up.  With the rise of various ICOs, altcoins and more exotic blockchain technologies, there was an obvious need to fine-tune precious resources so as to maximize gains.  What emerged was a novel approach to synergize cloud computing, mining, and investing.

We're building an ecosystem.   Our small team continuously innovates,  We adapt new technologies, streamline our offerings, and promote good management.


National Capital Region


Phone: +1 (613) 897-0775