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Outside the meta.

Consilience for Complex Systems.

Exobolic streamlines the valuation of large-scale ensembles.
We leverage metrics applicable to all systems at all scales.

Welcome to Hypermodern.

Defeating clouds.  Dismantling data.

Complex Systems represent large-scale interconnects of heterogenous components, adaptive agents, and nonlinear actors. In modern usage, these are often networks-of-networks or systems-of-systems with multi-scale feedback and emergent behaviour.

The canonical example is an ecosystem which supervenes cyber-physical infrastructure with socio-technical utilization and smart-assets.

Many new and emerging technologies are defined by their integrated and connected nature. The attributes of a complex system arise in most disruptive and ubiquitous spaces:

* Cyber-Physical Assets/Infrastructure; Smart-Grids, Smart-Fleets.
* Industrie 4.0; Smart-factories, Lights-out facilities, Printed-Edge.
* Autonomous Vehicle Networks;  Infrastructure & Traffic Management.
* Unmanned Airspace; Integrity-as-a-Service, Smart-Corridors.
* Blockchain Logistics; Smart-Auctions, Agile Markets.
* Integrated "2.0" Frameworks; Health/Transport/Agri/Government.
* IoT; Sensors, Devices, Everything, 

The increasing complexity of engineered systems is driving a phase-transition known as the hypermodern era.  
This era is marked by topological dynamics, network articulations, and configuration spaces that outpace data-driven analytics and even invalidate most KPI/insights.  

By 2025, many complex systems will no longer derive new value from data.  Data only gets you so far.


Exobolic helps clients shape outcomes in the hypermodern era.
We study complex ecosystems - and solve their quantifications challenges.
Our workflows optimize planning and orchestration outright.

Ensemble Consilience.

Metrics for Optimization,
Integration, Planning, and Orchestration.

Ensemble Consilience and Hollistic Optimization (ECHO) is a novel approach to complex systems measurement, evaluation, and refinement.

ECHO reconciles multiple-criteria about model properties, structural invariants, and data-minimal features.  ECHO utilizes proprietary similarity and fitness-for-purpose metrics.  The framework combines some of the latest applied research from information and complexity theory, game-theory, gaph-theory, topology, and network science.

Most KPI-based assessments are bloated and completely out of touch when it comes to complex systems.  We utilize futureproof, domain-agnostic, and data-minimal approaches. 

Our expert knowledge.  Our catalysis comes from R&D and SR&ED funding.  We have an AI-augmented team.  We're eager to partner, collaborate, and innovate the tools and techniques necessary for these undertakings. This headstart gives us a competitive advantage that is passed onto clients.

Our packaged delivery.   We're streamlining our solutions into automated workflows, custom analytics, converged metrics, and fast delivery.  We will eventually incorporate smart-contracts and provide MXaaS ("mexas", or metrics-as-a-service) as part of our business.

We hope you'll grow with us.  We're getting in front of the hard problems with an emerging discipline.



Outside the Box Studies & Solvers.

We're growing rapidly.
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